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GlucoNature Vegetable Capsule Testimonials

Xiaohua Wang, 56 Years Old, Female, Yichun Teachers Training College

My name is Wang Xiaohua, 56 years old, from Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province, I am working in Yichun Teachers Training College. Since I came into menopause, my body has become not good obviously. In the past two years, my blood pressure becomes unsteady, arrhythmia, especially my blood sugar to be examined is 7.3 mmol/L (FPG), 9.2mmol/L (FBG), thirsty often, insomnia, fatigue. After consulting a doctor, I began to take XIAOKEWAN, Melbine etc., but stopped taking them because of no improvements. Since May of last year, I began to take another herbal product named "JiangTangWan", it worked for me in some degree. I began to take GlucoNature since April this year, after two months supply treatment, I feel it really works for me, dry mouth gone, more strength than before, especially, I sleep very well now. I tested my blood sugar on 30 May, and 5.7mmol/L, it means my blood sugar back normal level, this is great result for me. Here, I am really grateful for GlucoNature, and hope GlucoNature will be accepted by world people and bring great benefit for diabetes patients like me!

Best Regards.

Wang Xiaohua

Address: Yichun Teachers Training College, Heilongjiang Province, China

Phone: 0458 3763958


Hengxiang Wang, 55 Years Old, Male, Model Worker of Shandong Province
I have had been in sound conditions till spring, 2010, because of constant busy and overtime work, I felt fatigue easily. I examined my body conditions on April 2010, found my blood sugar 7.0mmol/L (FPG), it is higher than normal, and called IFG (Impaired Fasting Glucose). Because I know serious damage of diabetes, and worry progressing to diabetes, I and my family looked for the good ways to treat actively. Since May, I began to take GlucoNature holding the idea as a try, only one month treatment later, I tested my blood sugar again, surprised to find my blood sugar reduced to 5.2 mmol/L (FPG), now it is normal again.

I am so excited that I wrote this down to let more diabetes patients to know GlucoNature's great effect for them in earlier time!

Best Regards.

Wang Hengxiang


Jie Lu, 53 Years Old, Male, General Engineer of Longrun Group

I began to take GlucoNature February this year, and it gives me great work!
1. My body conditions is improved greatly, I become strong again and can swim 500 meters one time, only 250 meters out of breath before.
2. Continuous driving two days, 1300 km per day, personal double trip without tiredness.
3. I had been itchy all over, tears running after half an hour of watching books or computer and blurred vision, after one month treatment of GlucoNature, all symptoms above improved and now all disappeared.
4. My blood sugar is 15-22mmol/L(FBG), after two months treatment of GlucoNature, lower than 6.7mmol/L(FBG).
5. Up to now, all symptoms of diabetes disappeared for me.
I am really surprised by the magic effect of GlucoNature, and hope more and more diabetes patients will get the benefit of GlucoNature.
Lu Jie
General Engineer of Longrun Group
Phone: 010 64670765
Mobile: 13031113227

Shuqin Li, 60 Years Old, Male, Law School of Tsinghua University
I am 60 years old, and have two chronic diseases, one is Type II Diabetes which has been 12 years, the other is left subclavian artery occlusion which has been 4 years. Former one have resulted in complications such as numb limb, latter one made blood flow sluggish, pain and blood pressure of left arm can't be measured out. I only depended on taking chemicals to control before.
Since May 2011, began to take GlucoNature, 3 capsules per time, twice per day before meals, up to now, four months treatment done, I feel GlucoNature really works for me: blood sugar reduced obviously to normal level, my left arm blood pressure can be measured 90mmHg/60mmHg, pain of left arm relieved and I can move it freely now.
Here I should say great thanks for GlucoNature and I will continue to take it in future.
Li Shuqin
Law School of Tsinghua University

Qin Liao, 64 Years Old, Female, Retired Discipline Inspection and Cadres
My name is Liao Qin, female, 64 years old, and I am retired Discipline Inspection and Cadres. I were tested out with Type II diabetes in April 2011, blood sugar 12.02 mmol/L(FPG), 16.30 mmol/L(FBG), urine sugar ++++, and also I have hypertension for many years, 170mmHg/94mmHg.
Under the guidance of a doctor, I began to take chemicals on 8th April, every month I went to Anshan Central Hospital to recheck, blood sugar is 8.0mmol/L(FPG), 10.0mmol/L(FBG) before end of September, but the symptoms such as thirsty, frequent and more urination, strengthlessness, easily sweating, blurred vision, high blood pressure, right arm numb and ants moving sense still exist, in fact become more serious.
At the beginning of October, 2011, my husband went to contact job for my son in Tsinghuaziguang company, when he back home, he brought GlucoNature Four Month Supply, and told me it can treat hypertension. I have taken for about 80 days, and I went to hospital to do examination on 10th January, 2012, blood sugar is 4.65mmol/L(FPG), 6.65mmol/L(FBG), urine sugar negative, blood pressure 130mmHg/78mmHg, blurred vision improved, and can see things clearly, no dry mouth, take water three small cups per day, sweating much less, have strength to work, right arm numb disappeared. My specialist in hospital is very surprised for this also.
Surely from I got sick to now, I also regulate my spirit conditions often and attend exercise actively, have a quick walk 3000 meters every day, suitably reduce chemicals week by week, but GlucoNature really changed my life.
Here great thanks for GlucoNature.
Liao Qin
Retired Discipline Inspection and Cadres

Shuzhen Zheng, 77 Years Old, Female, Peking
I got coronary disease, lower limbs edema, right leg numb and over 20 years of hypertension.
On 21th April 2011, I went to hospital and were diagnosed as cerebral infarction by CT, after 15 days in hospital, I were discharged from hospital and the doctor prescribed chemicals for improving memory and microcirculation.
But it seems not works for me, I can't remember old friends or can't call their names, bad appetite and I began to take GlucoNature on 25 May, and my appetite becomes better and better after 1 month treatment supply; after two months treatment supply, my lower limbs edema disappeared. Now my memory recovered also, and can think and talk things clearly, my blood pressure also back normal. My friends said I not like the patient who has had got cerebral infarction.
Here, great thanks for GlucoNature!
Zheng Shuzhen

Zheng Shumin, 69 Years Old, Female (the sister of Zheng Shuzhen)
Since I got cerebral thrombosis in 2010, I were suffering upset, constant edema and bad sleep. I also took many chemicals but nothing help for me.
On 6th October 2011, my elder sister sent me one bottle of GlucoNature, and told me GlucoNature gave her great help in recovery of diseases, I began to take GlucoNature also, after taking 20 days' supply, I can sleep well and continue to take it for about two months, now I full of spirit and upset, edema gone.
Great thanks for GlucoNature!
Zheng Shumin

Haoling Fu, 73 Years Old, Female, Peking
I got diabetes for about many years, blood sugar 6.8 mmol/L(FPG), 10.4mmol/L (FBG), blood pressure 150mmHg/100mmHg, seriously is 180mmHg/100mmHg, constant insomnia and dysphoria.
I began to take GlucoNature on 25th October 2011, I not put much hope on GlucoNature at the beginning because there are too many supplements like this but few work well, after one month taking, I happened to make examination for my body(20th November), unexpectedly, my blood pressure is back to normal, it is great surprise for me and also for my doctor.
In past years, I have taken many medicines including imported products, but always strengthless, insomnia. After one month taken of GlucoNature, my sleep and strength has been much improved, I will continue to take GlucoNature.
My present blood sugar: 6.0mmol/L(FPG), 9.0mmol/L(FBG); my blood pressure is normal now also 120mmHg/90mmHg
Great thanks for GlucoNature!
Fu Haoling

Jiasong Liu, 57 Years Old, Male, Engineer, Guizhou Province

  1. I were diagnosed as diabetes in 2006, blood sugar is 17.5mmol/L(FBG), Fatigue, unexplained weight loss, excessive thirst, excessive urination, excessive eating etc., and I have taken chemicals to control blood sugar level in a long run, blood sugar seems normal but the symptoms above little improved.
    My daughter recommended me for taking GLucoNature, and she told me it is great for diabetes, I not trust it at the beginning because of long time suffering from diabetes and chemical treatment, I nearly pill per time, the blood sugar also keep normal, more importantly, my appetite is recovered, I like eat what I want to now.
    GlucoNature really has great work for diabetes, thanks for GlucoNature!!
    Liu Jiasong
    Guizhou Province

Zuofen Pei, 65 Years Old, Female, Retired Senior Teacher, Peking
I have got diabetes for about 10 years, after I began to take GlucoNature:
1. After I took GlucoNature two weeks, when examining blood sugar, blood color from pinprick is bright red which is purple red before, and blood flows quicker than before also.
2. After taking GlucoNature, my skin becomes more exquisite and ruddy which is rough, split and wrinkled before.
3. After taking GlucoNature, my constipation gone, and now once or twice per day.
4. I were insomnia before, and now I sleep very well after taking GlucoNature.
5. The most important is my blood sugar back normal after two weeks taking of GlucoNature, blood sugar 6.3mmol/L(FPG), before taking GlucoNature my blood sugar is 9.0mmol/L+-(FPG), sometimes over 10.0mmol/L(FPG).
Great thanks for GlucoNature!!!!!
Pei Zuofen

A typical diabetes case I received in local China recently
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